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Slow Shutters and Flares

Picking up my camera again after to do creative shots. Not putting up much words here as I am partially divulging myself to more ideas. No edits.

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Paranoid City: Just Like The Movies MV

From Paranoid’s City Facebook page


Today I want to talk about Paranoid City as this is my first time writing about them, and they have given me a long lasting impression as I saw them perform at Craft last August 08. I was mindblown, as I have familiarized myself a few hours on Spotify, call me sentimental but I really love how they mix their synths and beats as I listened in and it really gave me this wonderful sense of nostalgia.

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Gising – A Four Day Aftermath write-up


Gising. The newest single by Autotelic, just recently had their music video launch last August 04 at Route 196, Katipunan. A successful event in celebration for Autotelic’s hottest single to date as they are on currently recording their second album under MCA Records having Gising to be included.

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