My WWE Friday Experience



WWE Live happened last Friday, September 9. One of my most memorable weekend ever!

A/N: Supposedly I would have written this last Saturday but I had to cover Manila Cup the next day lol. Also, what I’m writing here are my personal outputs, not a smark’s POV. 🙂

The unexpected bonus that day: I got to meet one of the members of New Day, Xavier Woods…IN THE FLESH. 3 hours before WWE Live. 

Wait, before you all start asking questions how did I meet Xavier Woods in person, I didn’t win any meet and greet passes. I’ll explain, 2 days before the WWE Live, Xavier was asking on Twitter about which arcades he could go while he’s touring London, Manila, and Shanghai. A couple of my friends; who represent PlayBook, has been graciously plugging the place for Xavier (and the 2nd branch is located in Circuit Makati). Fingers crossed for most of us, Friday came and Xavier Woods tweeted that he will be coming to visit PlayBook to play Street Fighter V; along with the other players who are practicing for Manila Cup the next day.



I picked the bad time to leave my place because around 2:30pm onwards, Chino Roces is the worst place to be in that time. Took a jeep near Magallanes, got off at Waltermart near Don Bosco. Booked an Uber, and arrived at PlayBook in 20 minutes with a short of breath. Watching him play was really fun, I introduced myself to him and shook his hand before he resumed his game. My boyfriend; Juabe was able to make it before Xavier left, not before more photos were taken and he was also gifted a replica of Link’s Mastersword and Hylian Shield from Ijon of Long Live Play Philippines.

Yours truly had a photo with Xavier Woods in Playbook with a bonus Vintendo in the background LOL
If you could only see, how giddy he went after receiving his gifts. 😀

We stayed in PlayBook for a good 30 minutes before Adrian drove him back to their hotel, as we left the venue, we had our pre-dinner in WingStop then mosey to MoA Arena where we are joined in by hundreds of eager fans to finally watch their wrestling idols do their thing live. Also I am quite surprised by the sheer number of children that will be watching with the show. The venue isn’t letting people in despite the schedule saying that gates will open at 6pm, we ended up hanging out in Starbucks for a good hour so that we don’t have to tire ourselves out just by standing in line, and under that humid heat. Good enough around 7, we got in line and it already started moving but as soon as we got inside and went to the 5th floor of the arena by the lobby, they haven’t let people in for another 30 minutes. As soon as the ushers let people in there was a mad rush to get inside the arena and it was hella crazy. And it was smart of me not to make any signs for the event as it was already stated in MoA Arena’s SOP not to bring any signs inside (I think now know why).

Section 418. We were seated at Section 418. Officially labeled as the SMARK BOX. I had to endure it for the rest of the night but I’m not letting that ruin my good time. 

The WWE ring. ❤
Spotted: YOLO Twins and Jake “Idol” Martinez


The show begins and first up is between Cesaro VS Sheamus:

Believe me, I lost my shit when we started hearing Cesaro’s entrance music. Cheers were all around the arena as he strutted his way to the ring, and as Sheamus was coming, boos were thrown and everyone including myself have been shouting “You look stupid!”. For me this has been a rivalry gone too long but if it kept the audience going, my god I am already seeing that I paid good money for this. Sheamus concedes by tapping after Cesaro was able to manage to do a Cesaro Swing going into a Sharpshooter. Best first match ever!

Braun Strowman vs Goldust:

I would have to admit that I didn’t follow much on the Wyatt Family story bit, and I just recently found out that the Braun Strowman was no longer part of it. That said, I didn’t actually give much a reaction to his entrance, but shit, he is one huge guy: THE KIND OF GUY THAT CAN SNAP YOU IN HALF. Also he looks like Zangief from Street Fighter only that he had a lot of facial hair. What really got me is that when Goldust came in and the other smarks were already shouting at him to retire. (Believe me…I don’t know how to feel during that time but I wish they could’ve piped down). Match ended in 2 minutes, Goldust was chewed and spat out after his match with Strowman, but fuck the whole audience was cheering and applauding for Goldust (I think I almost cried). He made a rather graceful exit afterwards. Mad props to the guy.

Neville VS Curtis Axel w/ Bo Dallas:

Oh this one really got everyone pumped up. The moment Neville’s entrance music and background video started playing, the whole crowd was really cheering on him. I think it was Neville’s warmest welcome yet. I can’t describe properly about Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas so I will have to borrow an excerpt from Smark Henry. The match didn’t last long, maybe around 5-6 minutes. 

Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas came out in their Social Outcast gear and basically looked like the most obvious jabronis of the night”

Seeing Neville perform the Red Arrow live and in person was another reason that I have paid good money to watch WWE and it was all worth it!

Almost the whole crowd just went on cheering for Neville. IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME.

New Day VS Shining Stars VS Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson:

This one, oh my god. I can’t describe what just happened here, the whole crowd is all chanting Bullet Club the moment Gallows and Anderson walked in the room after New Day and Shining Star. As for New Day, when they started taking off their shirts and screams from the ringside audience shows they want those shirts from New Day (complete with sweat hehe). Good job for keeping their title, I also wished that the merch table sold the Unicorn horns, it would have been real awesome. Also, I little more and the Shining Stars might grow on me.

Big Show VS John Cena:

No words. It just the majority of the crowd went for John Cena, he’s no face or heel, Cena is definitely the embodiment of a clean player. But I cannot deny of singing along to the tune of his theme song to “JOHN CENA SUCKS” as it has been for a long time. I also cannot resist chanting “CENA SUCKS!”, something every Pinoy wrestling fan

Epic moment:

Big Show “accidentally” broke the middle rope which gave Cena an advantage to put the pin on him.

Definitely a HOLY SHIT moment right there.

Blurry shot, but yes this happened. Middle rope snapped.

Charlotte VS Sasha Banks:

Another good reason why I kept saying my money was worth it, after her grueling match with Charlotte during SummerSlam, I thought she would be down and out just like what happened with Finn Balor. I got really excited when she was actually coming here for WWE Manila. She may have lost to Charlotte, but man, the shouts of “Thank you Sasha!!” convincing enough to warm the heart. I love you Sasha Banks. Please come back again.

Chris Jericho VS Roman Reigns:

OMG I CAN’T EVEN. BEST HEEL EVER. Chris Jericho, of all the wrestlers in the WWE Live card just made my money all fuckin worth it. Why? Because he just called himself “The Greatest Gago of All Time!” and he doesn’t even know what it meant until his match started with Roman Reigns. Also, I was too focused on Chris Jericho that I didn’t even realize that half the crowd started chanting Duterte. Like wtf right? I am running out of words how to describe how I am feeling about this, Chris Jericho is my all time favorite heel of all time. :DDD

This sonuvabitch Chris Jericho. GREATEST GAGO OF ALL TIME HAHAHAHAHA

Triple Threat Match: Seth Rollins VS Sami Zayn VS Kevin Owens:

For me, this took the cake in all the matches combined. I was really sad that Finn Balor had to back out since his brutal shoulder injury plus he had to relinquish his title. I would have loved to see the Demon Prince in our local shores. (GET WELL SOON FINN!)

I must admit, Kevin Owens has given me more reasons to keep watching wrestling. During their match, when KO shouted to the crowd: “I AM CROSSFIT JESUS!” the crowd just lost their shit. Sami Zayn didn’t do to bad eithe. Seth Rollins tho. Yes. Sad that he didn’t get to snag the World Title from Kevin Owens. I could not contain my excitement over everything.

It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, thought as much as other fans wanted a better line up, beggars can’t be choosers, I just hope that we don’t have to wait for another 7 years for WWE to come again to have a show here.



3 thoughts on “My WWE Friday Experience”

  1. Not surprising that then-championship-holders here didn’t lose their contending match. Certainly they will not have the switch of reigns in any overseas house shows unless the Vince will pull the trigger.

    But I envy that you made it there, you lucky bastard! Haha. Kidding, pal.

    1. I just got lucky? Not really the best seats but the experience remains, I was also in the same row to a few PWR wrestlers that night. :3

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