Snapshot Collections

I’ve been taking photos ever since I learned how to hold a camera. I am also the obscure person that would be behind the lens most of the time with the occasional self portraits. Before digital cameras, there was film, I remember owning an old 35mm pocket camera. And my mother would get furious that whenever I pick up photos from the film developers, I’m not in the photos. The photos contained mostly my friends and other things. I can’t remember how much it is to develop a 36 shot roll back then, but as far as I remember, it was hella pricey.

Not much to write about, I’m just gonna dump at least a couple of photos from my folders.

Apologies for the atrocious setup, these are dated back around 2008-2010. A year after graduating from college and I was so gung-ho about shooting people with Morgana (my Rebel XTi of 8 years and is still alive).



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