Paranoid City: Just Like The Movies MV

From Paranoid’s City Facebook page


Today I want to talk about Paranoid City as this is my first time writing about them, and they have given me a long lasting impression as I saw them perform at Craft last August 08. I was mindblown, as I have familiarized myself a few hours on Spotify, call me sentimental but I really love how they mix their synths and beats as I listened in and it really gave me this wonderful sense of nostalgia.

As for their second music video tour which was held at Craft Bar in BGC. Only Farewell Fair Weather played as their front act since it has been a given that this was on a Monday. Overall both Farewell Fair Weather and Paranoid City became a nice combination for a very intimate event; as one of their band members explained to me that the second leg of the video launch was supposedly meant for close friends and family. I guess some fans have missed the one in Saguijo, since it was simultaneously held on the same day with Autotelic’s music video launch of Gising in Route 196.

from Paranoid City’s Facebook page


And today, they just released the music video earlier around 11am on their Facebook page. Almost a month when I watched it in Craft Pub last August 8.
My thoughts on the video, watch here from their Facebook page:

The two children gathered more attention than the band, making the whole essence of the video attuned to being in a movie like feeling and the music definitely gave the whole video more essence which the band originally envisioned but only better. The gentle transition in between the band and the scenes from the music video really showed the playfulness of the music, giving it a more nostalgic approach. What really got me hooked on watching it was the adventure theme with the boy and girl, how the boy started exploring the forest looking for something, saving the girl from giant trolls, until they started travelling together while looking out for each other.

The music, don’t make me start. For me it was really cute, the synths and the beats. Though it kinda reminded me a bit of a romcom in the beginning but as I further listened in; it was going further to the lines of a fantasy adventure in an alternative universe.

Imagine yourself standing on top of a dock of a huge airship while trying to touch the clouds.

That’s how I felt.

Thank you Paranoid City. Thank you for the warm welcome.



One thought on “Paranoid City: Just Like The Movies MV”

  1. I’ll say Rommel’s lead vocals here was a breakout performance, considering Dax is the one who usually does that. That perhaps gave them a different feel in their sound, as in totally different from what they usually do (try hearing their album Viewfinder Dreams and their Christmas single “Cold Hearts in December”).

    Nevertheless, the only way for Paranoid City is up. And that being said, double thumbs up for their latest single and music video! Ang lakas maka-nostalgia.

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