Dedicated to a Throwback

If I make this into a regular thing every Thursday, why not?

Started digging some of my old works in my Deviantart page. Smells like college and post graduation right there.

I must say that I have the weirdest obsession with darkness, witches, and gothic subculture, I still do but more toned down.

I also lost my old DVD where I have all my old school plates, photos, and drawings. Stupid of me to actually delete the files from the old hard drive from our old computer.


Anyway, I thought about sharing an old painting which wasn’t a school project but more of a personal experiment; which the idea spawned because of a rather weird dream I had before, details aside, I cant remember what the dream was. I recently discovered the joy of acrylic paints back then and I wondered what would happen if I use watercolor and acrylic side by side, and I must say; that was rather interesting. The result was this.

After looking at it, I’m grasping at the idea to paint again. I still have some of my old brushes, I just need to buy new paint. The way I dirty my hands with paint is a thrilling experience for an artist, you don’t care how dirty your hands get, as long as you get your piece done. Best feeling in the world.


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