Gising – A Four Day Aftermath write-up


Gising. The newest single by Autotelic, just recently had their music video launch last August 04 at Route 196, Katipunan. A successful event in celebration for Autotelic’s hottest single to date as they are on currently recording their second album under MCA Records having Gising to be included.

Friend and fans attended this momentous occasion as the whole event was accompanied with bands Lions and Acrobats, The Sun Manager, Sirens, and Tom’s Story. Before Autotelic started their set, they finally revealed their music video as they have been teasing it over for almost a month.

My thoughts on the whole video:

Nicely directed, the whole version of the video shown during the event is the movie like treatment as there are cuts in between the song. The whole concept depicts the sense of dream state like events between the girl and guy as they explored their mutual feelings towards each other.

Cuts in between make it relish the music less but without it, you won’t be able to understand the whole video when you watch the edited version that’s already out in Vevo and MYX so chances are that when they decide to release the Director’s Cut of this video, you will find yourself to appreciate the content and the concept even more.

As long I knew the band,  I recall their very first music video from their first self titled album: Misteryoso which instantly became one of their most popular song from 2 years ago.

I wasn’t surprised that Gising became an instant hit. Keep on making awesome music Josh, Kai, Neil, Pabs, EJ, and Gep. 🙂




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