Slow Shutters and Flares

Picking up my camera again after to do creative shots. Not putting up much words here as I am partially divulging myself to more ideas. No edits.

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My WWE Friday Experience



WWE Live happened last Friday, September 9. One of my most memorable weekend ever!

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Paranoid City: Just Like The Movies MV

From Paranoid’s City Facebook page


Today I want to talk about Paranoid City as this is my first time writing about them, and they have given me a long lasting impression as I saw them perform at Craft last August 08. I was mindblown, as I have familiarized myself a few hours on Spotify, call me sentimental but I really love how they mix their synths and beats as I listened in and it really gave me this wonderful sense of nostalgia.

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Snapshot Collections

I’ve been taking photos ever since I learned how to hold a camera. I am also the obscure person that would be behind the lens most of the time with the occasional self portraits. Before digital cameras, there was film, I remember owning an old 35mm pocket camera. And my mother would get furious that whenever I pick up photos from the film developers, I’m not in the photos. The photos contained mostly my friends and other things. I can’t remember how much it is to develop a 36 shot roll back then, but as far as I remember, it was hella pricey.

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I just need to write something though I cannot write to save my own life.

I wanted to be more creative with words but somehow these words elude me as I am about to type/write them down. Reading the dictionary sometimes gives me a headache. Most of my friends are good at what they’re doing.

And as for me, I’m just giving myself an excuse to write.

My small guilty pleasure is hearing the keys of the keyboard as I construct every sentence until they end up in paragraphs. It’s the little things I appreciate the most, sometimes mixed with a little nostalgia.

Sentimentality. I am always sentimental.
I really think that will kill me someday.

Gising – A Four Day Aftermath write-up


Gising. The newest single by Autotelic, just recently had their music video launch last August 04 at Route 196, Katipunan. A successful event in celebration for Autotelic’s hottest single to date as they are on currently recording their second album under MCA Records having Gising to be included.

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Music Indulgence #001

I don’t know about you, but tell me, have you had days that you would listen to one song and listen to it on repeat for days, even weeks.

I have no real explanation for the reason why I wanted to share this/these songs in the first place. I wanted to because the songs, the music, every note resonated with me. I want it to attune to my moods so I can move on.

With future posts under this title, I might just post the song instead.



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